Widroo is the place that sets the highest standards for your home! Now you can enjoy all of your family dinners or house parties without arny wories. With the versatile cork coasters, you will be able to protect all of your tables or wooden surfaces from any unnecessary stains.


☑ 16 cork coasters round edge made of high-quality material;
☑ A Metal holder that stores coasters in a stacked position when not in use;
☑ Useful aluminum bar bottle opener;
☑ Special eBook containing the most delicious cocktail recipes for adults and kids.⠀
☑ 100% lifetime warranty that you are fully satisfied with the product or receive your money back.

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Invite your friends

Once you will try the improved round coasters by Widroo you will be pleasantly surprised by both their functionality and their aspect. To receive your guests as they should and to surprise them, you need the most innovative ideas and we are offering you just that.


No accidents - No stains

No party can be complete without your guests' favorite drinks. Whether we are talking about juice, wine or champagne, small accidents happen and these drinks can stain your favorite tablecloth or even the table you are so fond of it.


Touch of inspiration

These cork coasters are preferred among the bartenders, home entertainers and everyday families because they can suit their needs and "support" all kinds of glasses, and both hot & cold drinks.

Aiming for Better Life!

Widroo came to life from the desire of development and improving our everyday lives. This eco-friendly coaster set represent a popular product among both the professionals like bartenders and the everyday families who use them in their activities or parties.

One day when me and my friend were sipping a cold lemonade and thinking about simple, yet useful solutions that can bring an improvement to the things we do on a daily basis. And while observing my friend putting a tissue under his drink to absorb the droplets of water from the lemonade, that’s when it struck me. Why not making Widroo all about cork coasters for drinks , so you can always welcome your guests in a fancy way, offering their favorite beverage accompanied by a drink holder.

We believe people need more affordable, yet extremely useful products that can bring an improvement to their daily activities. Now you can enjoy your cup of tea, your glass of juice or your favorite wine in a "stain-free" manner!

Widroo Cork Coasters

Finally a product that does what it says... and we have it! The practical drink coasters which absorb the different beverage droplets and prevent your tablecloth from the unwanted stains. Now you can let your kids throw that amazing party with their friends and forget about all those "liquid rings" created by a spilled drink.

The classic, yet innovative cork coaster by Widroo is incredibly versatile, offering a lot of benefits to the user. Here are the main features of the product:

Widroo Cork Coasters Widroo Cork Coasters Widroo Cork Coasters

Perfect for most kinds of cups and glasses

The good quality drik coaster is able to fit most kinds of mugs and glasses, with both hot or cold drinks. Enjoy your favorite beverage, from a hot cup of tea or hot chocolate to a glass of fresh juice, cocktail or wine, they will all stay balanced and without.

Stackable and reusable

They can be used anytime you want and then, they can be reused for all those times when you host a party or you just want to relax. They are easily stackable in the special metal holder that comes with them.

Quality material

Made from quality and eco-friendly real cork, these coasters are thick and absorb the spills, drips & condensation to protect your furniture.

Lightweight and unbreakable

Our round coasters are lightweight which makes them easy to use and clean with a cotton cloth. They will also last for a long time, offering a relaxing aesthetic for the home and surroundings.

Suitable for everyone

This product is intended for both the professionals, such as bartenders and home entertainers, but also for the everyday families which want a simple and "good-looking" interior for their spaces.

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Customers reviews on Amazon

These coasters are awesome for the price. Thin and sturdy but also extremely absorbent. They did not fill with water and pool onto my table like some cork coasters I have had in the past. The metal holder is a great way to keep them all contained so you don't misplace any. Very satisfied with this item.
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Finally found a coaster that doesn't just let the water roll off the top. My kids are always putting their glasses down & leaving water rings all over the counters and tables. These are the first coasters I have found that absorb the water & keep it from running off. The holder is very cute too!
3 people found this helpful
Amazing quality, premium disks. Was expecting something cheap and flimsy but I have to say. I am truly impressed. As an avid user of coasters. spoiler I am a bit of a neat freak here, but these are well worth every penny. A++ can easily recommend and best of all I know these will last a while.
4 people found this helpful