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Cork Coasters Round for Drinks with Holder

Best for Cold Drinks, Wine Glasses, Cups & Mugs

Because we realized that something was missing from your home and your parties, that’s why we decided to bring you the elegantly designed and improved cork coasters sets by Widroo. They are perfectly fitted for a number of places and events, such as bars, restaurants, weddings and home entertainment as well, but you have to discover that on your own once you will purchase them.

Widroo has brought versatility into your life and now it the time to take advantage of it!

Be yourself, Be Widroo!

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Perfect for most kinds of cups and glasses

Enjoy your favorite beverage with Widroo cork coasters, able to fit most kinds of mugs and glasses, with both hot or cold drinks, from a hot cup of tea or hot chocolate to a glass of fresh juice, cocktail or wine, they will all stay balanced.
They can be used anytime you want and then, they can be reused for all those times when you host a party or you just want to relax. They are easily stackable in the special metal holder that comes with them.
Our round coasters are lightweight which makes them easy to use and clean with a cotton cloth. They will also last for a long time, offering a relaxing aesthetic for the home and surroundings.

Suitable for everyone.

Touch of inspiration

Widroo came to life from the desire of development and improving our everyday lives. Once you will try the improved round coasters by Widroo you will be pleasantly surprised by both their functionality and their aspect. To receive your guests as they should and to surprise them, you need the most innovative ideas and we are offering you just that.
This product is intended for both the professionals, such as bars or restaurants and home entertainers, but also for the everyday families which want a simple and “good-looking” interior for their spaces.

This eco-friendly coaster set represent a popular product among both the professionals like bartenders and the everyday families who use them in their activities or parties.

These cork coasters are preferred among the bartenders, home entertainers and everyday families because they can suit their needs and “support” all kinds of glasses, and both hot & cold drinks.

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No accidents - No stains

Finally a product that does what it says… and we have it! The practical drink coasters which absorb the different beverage droplets and prevent your tablecloth from the unwanted stains. Now you can let your kids throw that amazing party with their friends and forget about all those “liquid rings” created by a spilled drink.
No party can be complete without your guests’ favorite drinks. Whether we are talking about juice, wine or champagne, small accidents happen and these drinks can stain your favorite tablecloth or even the table you are so fond of it.

We believe people need more affordable, yet extremely useful products that can bring an improvement to their daily activities. Now you can enjoy your cup of tea, your glass of juice or your favorite wine in a “stain-free” manner!

Made from quality and eco-friendly real cork, these coasters are thick and absorb the spills, drips & condensation to protect your furniture.

Finally a product that does what it says...

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