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Mandala Coasters Beautiful Design

✦ Great as Housewarming Presents, Home decor, Wedding Registry, Living Room Decorations, A Cool Gift Ideas.

✦ Perfect Coaster Set of 16 with Popular Design, Metal Holder included. Coasters with 4 different mandala pattern beautiful and creative. Thick cork coasters base great for drinks hot or cold. These classic natural coasters for drinks are the preferred pick among professional bartenders, everyday families, also the perfect decoration for parties.

✦ Non-slipped and protect your furniture and the risk of spillage is zero.

✦ Environmental protection materials, of course, non-toxic, waterproof and moisture-proof. The multiple use coasters is much more ecological than using disposable paper coasters.




✦ Rustic Saucer Heat & Water Resistant, Best Reusable Natural Round Coasters for Bar Glass Cup Table, Cold Drinks, Wine Glasses, Cups, Mugs & Plants .

✦ Made from natural material, each of our rustic drink holders is strong and sturdy enough to last for years. Our cup holders are reusable and heat-resistant – the perfect complement to your steadfast home.

✦ Help save a tree by using natural unbreakable drink cork coasters with edge. With our diy nature friendly and recyclable rim blank coasters pads, you can protect not just your tables but also the environment.

✦We know you love being in the company of your loved ones. But we also understand that you don’t have all the time in the world to clean up everything after spending time with them, especially those liquid stains. Plus, you cannot always worry about your furniture getting wet and stained each time. There has to be a better way.

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ZERO RISKS! – Widroo will take full responsibility for your order. 

Cork Coasters Classic Design

✦ Every order includes 16 thick, natural cork coasters and a heavy-duty metal holder stand . Stylish and functional home decor that keep tables, countertops, and furniture free of water rings.

✦ Widroo round coaster set use genuine cork to better absorb sweat, condensation, spills, and drips from beer bottoms, coffee mugs, tea cups, soda cans, and all other drink cups.

✦ PERSONAL OR PROFESSIONAL USE – Along with protecting dining room, kitchen, living room and office furniture from condensation, this cork coasters bulk set can be used for hosting friends, by real bartenders, or everyday home use.

✦ SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: We take pride in our Widroo all natural Cork Coaster Set. If you are not completely satisfied, please contact us for a replacement or refund.

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✦ Choose natural cork drink coasters that help protect your tables, dressers, and other surfaces from damaging water rings.

✦ If you set an ice-cold plastic cup full of water on a wooden dining room table during the summer and forget about it, before you know it they’ll be a water stain that won’t come off.

✦ IIf you’ve got messy kids or family members that leave their cups and cans everywhere, you know how stressful it can be when they leave a white, filmy ring behind when you pick them up.

✦ That’s why we put together the Widroo Cork Coasters Set that comes with 16 coasters and a high-quality metal stand to keep them all neatly organized.

✦ Great for daily use at home in your living room or kitchen, or for protecting surfaces in your office break area, these natural cork coasters are stylish, durable, and look great anywhere.

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