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Anyone who owns furniture knows how important drink coasters are for protecting against marks and rings that can be a real hassle to remove. With our cork coasters for drinks, you can feel prepared using the best coasters to keep your furniture looking nice for years to come. Use all 16 absorbent drinking coaster throughout your house, make it easy to leave drink ware on your wooden furniture without harming them. Your search for the perfect coasters for drinks is over! And the real bonus is they look classy and stylish in any home.

Classic Cork Coasters for Drinks

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Mandala Cork Coasters for Drinks


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Say goodbye to annoying water rings and damaged wood surfaces from your beverage. Keep your tables, desks and other furnishings surface clear of water damage, drips, and spills with Widroo Cork Coasters – and enjoy serving and sipping drinks, worry free!
This piece of art is the perfect compliment decor in your living room, office, dining room or outdoor living space. Modern classy designed Metal Holder Included.

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Coasters for Drinks – Good Gift Option.

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